About us?

We are professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the management of commercial and manufacturing businesses, committed to the constant search for the perfect balance between good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We have a modern infrastructure certified and revalidated with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), an essential certification to ensure the analysis of critical control points to ensure a high quality standard in all the products we produce. Likewise, we have the BPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate, which validates our production processes with international quality standards.

Our facilities are enabled and certified for the production of: Powders (Milk, Collagen, Protein Shakes, Moisturizers, Vitamin and Mineral Mixtures, Fat Burners, Energizers, among others), Capsules (spray-dried concentrate of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals ), Syrups (Vitamins, immune system boosters and food supplements) and Natural Extracts (concentrate of Fruits, Vegetables and herbs recognized for their healing properties).


A varied and balanced diet helps us prevent and combat diseases and protect our health, improving our quality of life. We know that the concept of food as medicine has been around for centuries and has been central to many cultures around the world.

At LSFarma we believe that good nutrition complemented with superfoods contributes to keeping us healthy, helping to improve the immune system to prevent diseases and improve our quality of life.

Our work philosophy is based on the permanent search for the well-being of people, working on the continuous improvement of each of the processes to deliver high quality products and nutritional value, within the reach of people.
Our Operations

LSFarma has a modern infrastructure of more than 3,000m2 that allows us to manufacture and package more than 60,000 monthly units of products (including powders and concentrates).

We handle two large categories of products:

POWDERS: Production capacity of 10 Tons per day for the production of Supplements and nutritional supplements (Milk, Collagen, Vitamins/Minerals, Shakes/Proteins, among others). In presentations from 2.5g to 1500g in Cans, Pots, Capsules, Sachets, Effervescents, etc.

LIQUIDS: Production capacity of 8,000 liters per day of concentrated extracts (superfoods, syrups, nutritional supplements, among others). In presentations from 30ml to 1200ml in Droppers, HDPE, PET, Glass Bottles, etc.

All of them made under strict quality controls and rigorous production processes to maintain and enhance the nutritional values ​​of all the superfoods with which we work.

Our operations allow us to efficiently plan the flow of fresh raw materials, as well as imported inputs of the best quality, to achieve premium quality finished products.

We deliver products nationwide daily, to meet demand quickly and in a timely manner.

Our team

We are a team of professionals concerned with improving people's quality of life, taking advantage of the best of nature and technology, to provide them with a practical and modern way to stay healthy.

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